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Providing Hazardous Materials Consulting and Indoor Air Quality services since 2002.

Peak Environmental is a Kelowna based company providing Hazardous Materials and Indoor Air Quality Consulting services to residential, commercial, educational, First Nations, healthcare, industrial, and government agency clients in British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon since 2002.
Our Mission is to provide every client with the information, assistance and regulatory guidance required to facilitate the completion of their specific hazardous materials project in a cost effective, timely manner.

At Peak Environmental our core values include integrity, employee and client safety, accuracy and the highest level of client care.

Founder and president, Stephen Ferguson has over thirty years of experience in Hazardous Materials and Indoor Air Quality Consulting. The Peak team combines a variety of industry related expertise and accreditations in order to provide our clients with detailed project information as well as effective abatement/remediation recommendations and regulatory guidance.
We carry out a wide variety of hazardous materials assessments, including asbestos-containing building materials, lead paint, silica dust, biological (mould) contamination, indoor air quality, radon gas and mercury spill assessments. We also provide our clients with Asbestos Management Programs (AMP), Exposure Control Plans (ECP), remediation solutions and supervision, and compliance monitoring for asbestos, lead paint, mercury, radon and mould abatement projects.

The scope of our services ranges from the assessment of private residences to the hazardous and regulated materials assessment of entire school district facilities that encompass over 7.5-million square feet. Site compliance monitoring and inspection services also range from an individual room sized project to multi million dollar pre-demolition hazardous and regulated material abatement and building demolition projects.

Site contaminant sampling work is conducted with a variety of in-house equipment. Sample analysis is either carried out in-house, or out-sourced to an accredited analytical laboratory. Peak Environmental is equipped to respond to a variety of emergencies encompassing airborne contaminants and building related hazards with immediate, or at a maximum, 24-hour laboratory turnaround times.


Peak Environmental Ltd.
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Proudly providing Hazardous Materials Consulting and Indoor Air Quality services since 2002
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