Air Monitoring

Air monitoring during a hazardous materials abatement project is required under certain circumstances such as during the high risk removal of asbestos containing materials.  Even when the work isn’t considered a high risk, some clients opt for air monitoring to comply with their internal OH&S requirements or to reassure staff in the case of safety concerns. Air monitoring is also used to compile historical data regarding the release of fibres or dust during various work procedures. Examples include: asbestos fibre release while breaking floor tiles from concrete, lead dust release when grinding paint with a specific lead concentration or release of silica dust while cutting concrete. 

Data collected from such work activities are then compared to regulatory exposure limits. These data points are also relied upon in the evaluation of safe work procedures and protective equipment efficacy.

Peak technicians provide on-site air monitoring for:

  • Asbestos fibres in air
  • Lead dust in air
  • Respirable Silica (and nuisance) dust in air
  • Mould spores in air
  • Mercury vapour
  • Various chemical substances


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