Hazardous Materials Assessments

Pre-Demolition and Pre-Renovation

Prior to the demolition/renovation of a structure or equipment, a pre-demolition/pre-renovation assessment is required by various regulatory agencies. These assessments identify asbestos-containing materials, lead-based paint, and other hazardous and regulated materials including lead and silica containing products, PCB and mercury containing equipment, ozone depleting substances, and toxic, flammable, explosive and radioactive materials. In addition to keeping workers safe from exposure to these materials, other government agencies also require their safe collection, transportation, and disposal.


Prospective homebuyers are becoming more aware of hazardous materials and the costs associated with abatement or mitigation. As a result, they are increasingly opting for a pre-purchase assessment to identify hazardous materials before committing to the purchase of pre-1990 built homes.


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