Mould Assessment

Mould growth can be the result of multiple environmental conditions including ongoing moisture issues like inadequate ventilation, intermittent or single incident flooding, or high moisture and elevated humidity levels.

Some moulds can cause adverse physical reactions in people, especially in immunocompromised individuals.

Peak Environmental provides in house analysis by our McCrone Institute certified technician to identify and quantify mould spores (genus) in air as well as mould species present in dust. In addition to air and dust sampling, a visual assessment of mould contamination and water staining is also included in a mould site assessment to establish the extent of mould growth, identify the source and determine mitigation requirements. Follow up/clearance analysis can also be performed upon completion of the mould mitigation project to ensure conditions have been returned to a neutral state.
Initial assessment, scope of work preparation and remedial and compliance inspections and monitoring to permit building re-occupancy


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