Safety and Compliance

Asbestos Management Program

An Asbestos Management Program defines how asbestos containing materials are to be safely managed for as long as they remain in the building. An AMP is comprised of multiple components. Peak Environmental provides client specific AMPs to meet regulatory requirements.

Exposure Control Plan

An Exposure Control Plan is part of the Asbestos Management Program and provides safe work procedures for working with asbestos-containing materials. Peak Environmental prepares client specific ECPs to fit within the client’s Asbestos Management Program.

Asbestos Inventory

Asbestos Inventories are an integral part of the client’s Asbestos Management Program and provide detailed information for day-to-day management of all ACM present for worker safety. Per WorkSafeBC, Asbestos Inventories are to be kept up-to-date. Peak Environmental provides and maintains Asbestos Inventories for clients who are responsible for individual buildings or district/region wide facilities, as part of their AMP.

Asbestos Containing Material Labelling

Peak Environmental has developed a labelling system to provide staff and contractors with instant at-a-glance information regarding the presence of asbestos-containing materials on a per room basis. As part of the client’s AMP, labels are maintained to provide the most current ACM information.

Abatement Budget Estimates

Clients responsible for asbestos management and budgeting require knowledge of costs associated with abatement of ACM in their facilities. Peak Environmental works closely with abatement contractors to provide actual costs associated with removal of ACM, thereby providing clients with information to more accurately budget for their abatement projects.


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